Basic Customisation
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A guide to the basic MediaMogul customisation options that can be configured in the template "index.php" file with a description of each of the available options and how they affect the presentation of the template.

MediaMogul features several built in configuration options that have been designed to be easily changed with a single control. You can take advantage of these customisation options by making changes in the MediaMogul "index.php" file. Here is a breakdown of the available options:


The PNGfix

You can turn off or on the pngfix with this setting. More info at our Tutorial Site.

Sidebar width

With the following setting, you can control the width of the sidebar with one simple setting.

Sidebar Location

With this setting, choose to have the sidebar placed on the left or right of the mainbody. The name of the module positions changes to reflect left or right.

Default Font

Based on your own personal preference, or the preference of your users; you can easily set the default font size with this setting below:-

Show Pathway

This setting controls whether the pathway appears on your site.

Module Slider

There is now a convenient toggle to show the tabbed modules or not.

Module List

With the setting illustrated below, you can control the aspects of the integrated rokslide feature to a great extent. You can control the tab title and also the module position which appears in each of the tabs.

In the code snippet, we have 5 lines, each line controls a single tab. Each line is segregated into 2 distinct parts. These are "title"=>"Tab Title", which controls the Tab Title. The second part is "module"=>"Module Position"),
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