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Upon request, IDEE-Cameroon may follow-up or ensures the issuance of certificates or copies of certificates tracing back its members academic background. Thanks to our partnerships with schools and universities in Cameroon, we are able to provide you, within the shortest possible period, with the following documents:

Ø Diplomas or copies of diplomas

Ø Transcripts

Ø Attestation of Results

Ø Etc.

  • Service is only available for IDEE Network members
  • This is a paid service. our fees vary according to each case. Contact us.

EXAMPLE: You want to obtain a transcript in order to further your studies abroad.

As a member of IDEE CAMEROON, we can represent you efficiently and obtain the documents on your behalf, then send them over to you. You just have to empower us and authorize us to act on your behalf and we will do everything necessary to get a successful outcome in the shortest period, with the help of our partners within Cameroon educational institutions. All your documents will be secured until officially handed over to you.

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