You live abroad or you a foreign company and you want to assign project to IDEE-CAMEROUN. You wish to do business in Cameroon. The following nine steps will guide you to achieve your aim.

Code TitleDescription
1 Registration You contact us to register and open a file. IDEE members are exonerated from a fee.
2 Proposals IDEE-CAMEROUN submits to you technical and costed proposals in order to carry out your project.
3 Order You place a verbal or written order with a description of the activity / project to be carried out.
We sign with you an act in which you accept the proposals that have been made and that you are committed to achieve for you.
5 Transfer of power
You give IDEE-CAMEROUN the necessary powers to act your behalf . This transfer of power is backed by a legal instrument.
6 Execution IDEE-CAMEROUN shall be responsible for executing the services for relating to the realization of the activity / project with its various partners.
7 Monitoring and evaluation Together, we define the various phases and elements that must allow you monitor and evaluate the progress and performance of your business / project. IDEE network members can track from their profile space on WEB IDEE-CAMEROUN's website.
8 Approval You determine the end of the work after signing a document certifying a document certifying that the project has been completed.
9 Reception The reception of the work means that the transfer of power ends and you take possession of project deliverables by a formal written document.


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